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Whether it's feeling better or looking better we've got you covered! 


We have several services  to help you reach your health and weight loss goals... and look great while doing it!

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Just to give you a heads up, we do things a little differently...

  • We complete a thorough intake and exam and spend up to 45 minutes, if necessary, with each patient to ensure they are heard.
  • We have a thorough follow up and explain what the abnormal labs mean, how they correlate with symptoms and what the next steps are.
  • We do not wait for you to have a diagnosable disease.  We make every effort to correct the dysfunction before the damage is done. 
  • We do not prescribe a pill for every symptom.  Our goal is to find the root cause and treat the cause and avoid pharmaceuticals if we can, although sometimes it is necessary.
  • We do not just look at your labs.  We look at the whole picture... labs, symptoms, medical history,  significant findings during the exam, etc. 
  • We do not want you and your labs to be "normal"...  We want you to be optimal!!!
  • We not only want you to feel absolutely wonderful!  We want you to look your best too!  We offer many aesthetic options to help you look as good as you feel!

Please click on the button of the service you're interested in ​for more information.

Just a few reviews!  (We have lot more where this came from)

ED said....

"Finding Keri Douglas was the best thing that could have happened to me at a time when my health was crashing.  With several separate symptoms attacking my body, Keri was able to piece it all together."

SR said...

"I can't thank you enough!  I am down 22 lbs. now and before no matter what I did my weight just wouldn't budge."  "I have energy, I am sleeping again..."   "I am so happy I found you"

AT said...

"I just want to officially say thank you."  "I did not realize how far I have come until after we reviewed my symptom questionnaire today."  "After we spoke I just sat here dumbfounded and realized how awful I felt just 3 months ago."  "I am so grateful. Thank you."


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